DJ E.Rex Muzic

His name is DJ E.rex and he was born in New York City but raised in Queens (southside)..His love for music goes back into the late 70's, when one day he heard a song on the radio called "Rappers Delight" and it completely blew his mind. This was a new concept for a 7 year old, but he quickly learned that he had a good knack for rapping. Soon after he started Dj'ing and realized this was something he was good at, and joined a group called "Xklusive Kutt". A couple years later all members went their separate ways with DJ E moving to miami florida in 1988.
Now in Miami, he hooked up with Omar “Oski’ Gonzalez from a local group called "The Latin Connection" T.L.C. for short, before T-boz Chilly & Left eye. They soon began to record demo’s and landed a deal with Henry stone of Hot records releasing a single called "Respect" before the Real Roxanne. Things soured extremely fast with the Henry Stone but they met a label mate in M.C. Mighty Rock of the infamous "Double Deuce". They collaborated on a new venture and Elemento Creativo (Creative Element) was Born. This collaborative effort spawned an album called a "New Style" which essentially was a spanglish/bass rap album. With the lead single called "Esta Caliente" they would set miami on fire with its infectious chorus and pounding bass. They did show after show all over miami with overwhelming response from the fans. After that successful run everyone went their separate ways.
In 2007 he opened Scratch hook studio's which was his goal to continue on this journey we call the music business. In 2010 he compiled a Cd of various artists with Supa DJ Exile called "the Truth be Told" and "The Top of New york" mixtapes. E.rex forged forward in 2012 with another partner called Unlisted Artist to produce with his trademark Scratch hooks, what would be called "Art*illery". A platform for a collaborative group of emcees to show case their sounds and eventually move on to other avenues.
DJ E.Rex A.K.A Mr.ScratchHook is currently a solo producer/engineer. In 2017 he worked with Chris Rivers, Lega-C and Mikey D on a song called 'The Conquerors". In 2018/19 Dj E.Rex was tabbed by Qb's own Blaq Poet to put his trademark Scratch hooks and cuts on a 2020 release called "Simon phoenix". E.rex's latest release called “How it all started” featuring King Magnetic brings it full circle. The saga continues.................

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With over 30 years of  musical experience  in rapping, dj'ing, and mixing. There are plenty of options for you to take advantage of so don't be shy. I wont break the bank, I'm reasonable and easy to work with.